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Case Study

Facebook ad campaign
for a chiropractor

Facebook ad campaign results for Chiropractor

$19,000 achieved from 1 month of Facebook Ads

The Challenge

Jimboomba Chiropractic wanted to treat more patients and show them the value of chiropractic care.

We needed to increase brand recognition and position Jimboomba Chiropractic as a preferred provider of chiropractic care.

Google was flooded with competitors making it costly to run Google ads to attract more patients. Facebook proved to be the obvious answer.


The Process

How we drove leads from Facebook to Jimboomba Chiro:

  • Created an offer that would allow our client to break even on ad spend and provide a low barrier entry for prospective patients to try chiropractic care.
  • Ensure the offer was compliant with industry guidelines with a website privacy policy, disclaimers and terms and conditions.
  • Created visually stunning imagery to support the ad copy which was branded and used real imagery of the Chiropractic at Jimboomba Chiro.
  • Tested different versions of ad copy, adding more budget to the ad copy that was receiving the most engagement on Facebook.
  • Set up a lead call back process so that any lead that took up the offer in Facebook was contacted within 2 hours and booked in for an appointment.
  • Monitored and adjusted the ads daily to ensure maximum results from the ads.

The Result

Within just 1 month of the Facebook ad campaign going live, Jimboomba Chiropractic received:

  • 35 leads
  • 20 new patients
  • 8 patients purchased a membership
  • Generated a total revenue of $19,000 from the campaign.
The Feedback

The gynaecology practice has been so impressed by the response from the ads that they have asked to continue running the ads and extended scope of the Facebook Advertising campaign to include more video content.

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