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Facebook campaign
for a gynaecologist

Gynaecologist Facebook Campaign

The Challenge

The gynaecology practice was struggling to reach women between the ages of 45 – 60 years old in their local area to educate them on symptoms surrounding menopause and treatment options available to them, the MonaLisa Touch.

The practice wanted a way to educate women and reach them to increase awareness of their practice, of the treatment options and increase new patient numbers.

The Process

As the treatment can be seen as a sensitive topic, Splice Marketing took the time to really understand a patient’s consideration set when it comes to understanding, deciding on and booking in for the MonaLisa Touch treatment.

With a detailed understanding of what patient experiences, their common questions and the results of the treatment, Splice Marketing:

  • Created a patient persona so we knew exactly who we were targeting, what messaging they wanted to hear and the channel where they would consume this information – Facebook Ads;
  • Created a series of blog content to educate patients at each point of their consideration set – understanding menopause, symptoms associated with menopause, how the treatment works and the solutions available;
  • Used the blog articles as the content for the Facebook Ads driving traffic back to each particular blog so the patient could read more;
  • Included call-to-actions within each of the blog articles to drive patients to a dedicated landing page which went into further details about how the gynaecological practice does this procedure and what to expect;
  • Followed up with Facebook remarketing activities to continue to educate patients on the patient journey;
  • Maintained compliance with AHPRA through all advertising, content and targeting.

The Result

The Facebook Ads using educational content was a massive success with results showing:

  • 72,702 person ad reach – women who saw ad once;
  • 3,553 clicks from the Ads through to the blog pages related to the MonaLisa Touch;
  • 3,871 average views on each of the blog posts related to the MonaLisa Touch;
  • $0.52 cost-per-click on the ads meaning much higher return on investment;
  • 34 new patients at a lifetime value of $9,000 + each patient. That’s a total revenue of $306,000.

The gynaecology practice has been so impressed by the response from the ads that they have asked to continue running the ads and extended scope of the Facebook Advertising campaign to include more video content.

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