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Focused Health Care

Client Challenges

Focused Health Care is an Australian leader in-home care services in Brisbane and Townsville.

They are owned and operated by Registered Nurses giving them an in-depth understanding of their clients’ medical and emotional needs.

Their offerings are built around providing their clients with high-quality clinical care, flexible services, and a personalised touch. 

Client Goals

Focused Health Care engaged Splice Marketing in November 2019 to help them achieve the following marketing goals:

Creating a strong, recognisable brand for in-home care services in Brisbane and Townsville

Increasing awareness of Focused Health Care's services among their relevant audiences

Making it easy for clients and their families to find Focused Health Care online through organic Google searches and online advertisements

Improving brand presence online through new brand messaging and design to truly portray Focused Health Care's unique value proposition

Attracting at least one new client per week through lead generation activities

Making a clear distinction between the NDIS and Aged Care services.

The Process

Improving Digital Foundations

Our process at Splice Marketing was to improve Focused Health Care's digital foundations. We started with the redesign and development of their website and creating new copy to portray Focused Health Care's key points of difference in order to convert more leads. We installed analytics on their website to measure the conversion rate and to predict future enquiries.

Industry Compliance

A Privacy Policy compliant with industry regulations was added to the website.

Lead Generation Through Inbound Marketing Funnels

To streamline marketing efforts and generate a predictable number of leads each week, Splice Marketing created and executed inbound marketing funnels including assets such as blog articles, online advertising, landing pages, email nurturing sequences and remarketing activities. Two lead generation campaigns were set up including one for disability services and the other for aged care services.

Initial start-up activities included:

A digital audit of the existing website, SEO and social media channels to identify areas for improvement

The redesign and build of Focused Health Care's website

Creation of new copy and messaging for the website and marketing materials

Ebook creation to promote aged care and disability services

An email template and two automated nurture sequences for aged care and disability services

Ad campaigns set-up in Facebook and Google

Technical set-up including conversion tracking and the Splice Live reporting dashboard.

Ongoing inbound marketing activities encompassed the following:

Social media posts to promote Focused Health Care's services, engage followers and reiterate brand value. Posts were boosted to reach a larger audience

Blog articles to attract visitors through organic searches and position Focused Health Care as a trusted advisor of useful information regarding in-home care services

Digital advertising management of Facebook and Google ad campaigns to increase awareness and lead generation

SEO services to help Focused Health Care rank for all relevant search terms

Graphic design of commercial car wraps

Comprehensive reporting for measurable results.

Website Redesign and Build

Old Website


New Website


New Website

Full page screen capture _1_

Expertly Crafted Design Assets

The numbers speak for themselves

new clients per week
% increase in new website users
% increase in Facebook page followers
% increase in paid search traffic
% increase in organic search traffic
% increase in website conversions

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