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Website redesign
for a chiropractor

Website redesign image for chiropractor

Chiropractic clinic improves services delivery through website design

The Challenge

Wellspring Chiropractic’s website needed a complete overall. Due to the lack of maintenance on the website, the website had a number of errors affecting website performance.

The website design was also outdated and did not reflect the modern design of the brand. Finally, due to the design of the existing website, modifications were limited.


The Process

Having an existing relationship due to other marketing services, Splice Marketing recommended a website redesign to improve the image and perception of the brand whilst also providing additional features to improve service delivery for clients through user-friendly website interface and online booking functionalities.

With a detailed understanding of website objectives, Splice Marketing:

  • Compiled a website brief which included website best practice as well as intuitive features to improve client (patient) service delivery;
  • Met with the Wellspring Chiropractic team members to discuss administrative processes that could be improved through the new website, identifying the need for online patient forms, online forms for event registrations, embedding of Cliniko for online patient bookings;
  • Presented a few website mock-ups based on desired outcomes and needs of the business;
  • Guided new messaging, content and imagery to improve overall design of the website;
  • Delivered a brand new, eye-catching and client (patient) friendly website.

The Result

The results:

  • Embedded Cliniko to allow chiropractic bookings direct from the website;
  • Improved administrative processes by streamlining processes using online forms;
  • Landing pages for all three locations;
  • Event registration form to collect and respond to registration enquiries;
  • Online chat functionality so administrative team can field enquiries direct from the website;
  • Delivery of website within a six-week time frame.
The Feedback

The team at Wellspring Chiropractic were super happy with the new design, all the features and agreed the new website is now a reflection of their brand.

“Website looks great very smooth great information pages really like it.” 

“Love it, 100 x better”

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