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We manage it all for you - Your outsourced marketing tEam!

You’ve likely searched for us because you are frustrated with your marketing. Frustrated due to the industry regulations and fear of non-compliance, frustrated because you know marketing is a constant to achieve growth but you just don’t have the time to market yourself of your practice, or you are unaware of which marketing strategy is going to attract the right patient groups and be ethical and effective.

We are here to help health professionals and businesses within the health sector, like yourself, to market effectively and ethically.

So, if you have specific targets, are looking to grow your patient numbers or need to sell more of your product or services but don’t have the time, leave it to us.


How We Can Collaborate:

We become your outsourced marketing team.

First, we start with a customised strategy. Our healthcare marketers spend the time to research your industry (including mystery shopping of you and your competitors), get to know you and your brand and then formulate a strategic marketing plan to ensure you achieve your bottom line objectives.

We then present this customised plan to you and discuss the market activities that will accomplish your business goals.

Here is where we talk your monthly marketing budget and agree to move forward with a retainer where we implement all the marketing activities outlined in your marketing strategies (multiple retainer levels available to suit your needs).

Different strategies work for different areas of health and medicine so that’s why we know exactly what is going to work for you by starting with a strategy.


To achieve your goals, some of the marketing activities that may be recommended and that we will manage for you include:

Splice Marketing - outsourced marketing team

Oh and we will point out now – Marketing is a collaborative process so we will require some input from you in the initial months to ensure we understand your brand inside and out.

Shall we proceed? Keep reading on.

That uh-ha moment! Why it's best to outsource to the experts.

Outsourcing your marketing to a dedicated healthcare marketing agency, such as us at Splice Marketing, gives you all the skills, experience and strategies to help you increase brand awareness, attract new clients, convert clients into your care, position yourself as a trusted physician, build your referral network and more.

When you partner with us for your marketing, you get access to some of the best minds in healthcare marketing in Australia. Our team has worked as marketers in the healthcare space collectively for 10+ years now so crafting content that informs and doesn’t mislead, Ads that don’t breach AHPRA, social media that doesn’t feel unethical is second nature.

If you still need more reasons as to the benefits of outsourcing, here are some:

  • A team that’s always available – early morning, late night, weekdays and weekends.
  • We manage it all so you save time trying to email multiple agencies, you just email us.
  • Specific and directed advice whenever you need to brainstorm and idea or ask a question.
  • Monthly reporting of activities and results!

Would you prefer to continue the conversation over the phone?

We invite you to book a time that suits and we will call you to discuss further.

Partner with an agency that specialises in healthcare & medical marketing

Why Splice Marketing?

We have a team of marketers who’ve worked with surgeons, dentists, gyneacologists, chiropractors, medical device companies, health corporates and more for over 10 years collectively.

After years of working with health and medical professionals, analysing the online patient journey combined with our expertise in digital marketing, we’ve discovered some of the most profitable and successful ways to put healthcare professionals in front of their patients, solving the many frustrations faced by medical and healthcare professionals. Just check out some of these case studies – Content Marketing for Physiotherapist, Facebook Ad Campaign for a Gynaecologist and a video campaign for a Spinal Specialist.

Our whole purpose is helping professionals and businesses of the medical and healthcare industries to grow their online presence for longer-term business growth and success. Splice Marketing was born in 2017 to live out this mantra.

Would you prefer to continue the conversation over the phone?

We invite you to book a time that suits and we will call you to discuss further.

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