Marketing services for Healthcare Providers

Future proof your healthcare business with great marketing!

Whether you’re targeting the patient (known as business-to-consumer) or healthcare professionals (known as business-to-business), your business needs to be flexible and adaptive to the changing healthcare landscape in order to reach and engage with your audiences.

As healthcare providers, strong branding and strategic marketing services that complement your goals and objectives will help you position your business, offer a greater competitive advantage and will, in turn, provide long term success and survival for your business.

Partner with us at Splice Marketing and we will help your business achieve more through marketing.

Marketing for your healthcare practice

As we see an increase in practice mergers and the opening of super clinics, smaller practices should invest in marketing services that really differentiate the practice and identify a niche.

Your point of difference could include your location and targeting of local communities, your service offerings, your ideal patients or your value offerings such as additional patient resources or educational seminars. These are some of the examples from our existing clients here at Splice Marketing.

If you’re a healthcare provider opening a new practice or want to strengthen your point of difference, we recommend starting with the following marketing services:

Marketing services for corporates

Is your organisation looking to promote or communicate a particular healthcare service to consumers?

Do you need innovative and creative ideas to get your message out there to a segmented group of the population?

Splice Marketing can either work closely with your current marketing team or manage and execute your marketing and communication activities – acting as your outsourced marketing team. We are here to support you in any capacity offering marketing and communications strategies, focus groups, development of campaign materials through to project management.

Below is a quick snapshot of how we work with our larger corporate clients:

Consulting and advisory services with your current marketing team:


  • Marketing workshops
  • Strategic marketing plan (internal team to implement)
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing and educational campaign ideas
Outsourced marketing services:



  • Video marketing
  • Marketing and educational campaigns
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  • Content
  • Branding

We never forget AHPRA!

When delivering any level or type of marketing services for healthcare businesses, it’s important to consider the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines and the use of titles and qualifications.

As experienced healthcare marketers, our marketing recommendations fit within the industry rules and regulations. Please note, our advice is only general in nature and we recommend speaking with your professional indemnity provider for expert legal advice.

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