The Brief

Period: August
Client: AGPAL and QIP
Marketing Services: New Conference Website

Leading providers of accreditation, Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) and Quality Innovation Performance Limited (QIP), are hosting a conference in 2018 for Australia’s health and community sectors.

The Challenge

The conference website needs to:

  • Raise awareness of the conference date and location
  • Allow registrations to be captured through the website
  • Easily showcases key conference information such as speakers, dates, location, registrations, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Contains interactive elements including countdown timer, forms, banners
  • Have a design that creates hype and excitement toward the conference

The Process

Splice Marketing met with the Marketing team of AGPAL and QIP to discuss all website requirements, desired branding and style of the website. From here, Splice Marketing:

  • Created website mock-ups and wireframes so the marketing team could provide feedback;
  • Created and launched a splash page to create hype and capture expressions of interest prior to the launch of the conference website;
  • Delivered a fully-customised conference website;
  • Ongoing updates to the website to reflect new speakers, sponsor and exhibitor registrations.

The Results

The results:

  • Delivered an eye-catching splash page to capture pre-conference expressions of interest;
  • Launch of a fully-customised website in line with conference branding elements;
  • Interactive features including count-down timer, forms and registrations links;
  • Attract and capture interest of sponsors and exhibitors within the healthcare industry;
  • A content-management-system so the marketing team can make minor updates and amendments as required;
  • Ongoing training and updates to the website as required.


The marketing team of AGPAL and QIP were very pleased with the end result of the conference website.


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