The Brief

Period: Ongoing
Client: The Brisbane Spine Clinic
Marketing Services: Content Marketing

The Brisbane Spine Clinic offers physiotherapy services to people in Brisbane. The Brisbane Spine Clinic aims to position themselves as Spinal Consultants, offering spinal specific services including second opinions to spinal surgery and non-surgical spinal treatment solutions.

The Challenge

The Brisbane market is saturated with physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors and massage therapists. Our client, The Brisbane Spine Clinic, needed a way to stand out. Splice Marketing helped position The Brisbane Spine Clinic as a specialist spinal practice through brand messaging and content marketing.

The Process

To ensure brand positioning, Splice Marketing worked closely with The Brisbane Spine Clinic in the lead-up to the launch of their business to develop their key messaging statements and content direction. The process included:

  • Splice Marketing interviewing The Brisbane Spine Clinic to identify ideal patients and creation of 3 x ideal patient personas;
  • Creation of a marketing strategy to identify brand positioning statements, messaging, tone and value proposition;
  • Creation of a content strategy including content types, persona targeting and content themes;
  • Website content to match brand message;
  • Blog content; and
  • Video content to highlight The Brisbane Spine Clinic’s unique points of difference.

The Results

The results:


The content marketing is proving to be very successful in educating and converting new patients with one content piece generating 5 new patients within a 10 day period.

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