About the PPC Campaign

Period: May – July 2017
Client: Chiropractor with multiple locations in Queensland
Subject: Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) Advertising Campaign

Our client wanted to increase patient numbers through a Google Adwords, pay-per-click campaign. They had recently run a Google Adwords campaign with another marketing agency which resulted in huge spend and little results. Our goal was to rectify past performance issues and reduce their monthly spend but still drive new patient leads.

Splice Marketing Task

  • Audit previous campaigns and provide feedback on what needed improvement.
  • Create advertising copy that spoke to the patient whilst complying with AHPRA’s advertising guidelines and specific guidelines for the Chiropractic industry.
  • Drive new patient leads and new patient bookings for the practice.


As with any of our projects, we undertook a marketing workshop with the client to identify their objectives, address their issues and concerns, learn about their target market and their business. With a detailed understanding of their business, we were then able to:

  • Pulled a keyword report to determine the most searched for keywords that we could incorporate into the ads.
  • Created ad copy for three ad campaigns – one for each location and one for the overall brand.
  • Create landing pages specific to each ad (landing pages achieve much better results for your ads)
  • Reviewed AHPRA to check for compliance.
  • Set up the Google AdWords campaign – budget, target audience, bids, ad copy, keywords, linked to landing pages.
  • Set up conversion tracking to evaluate campaign metrics and results.
  • Launched ads and provided ongoing optimisation and management of the ads to ensure they performed their best.


Due to ongoing adjustments of the ads, strong landing pages and strong ad copy, we were able to achieve:

  1. 22,800 impressions (brand awareness)
  2. 595 clicks through to the client’s landing page
  3. 193 conversions (patients to the practice)
  4. Lower cost-per-click resulting in a greater return on investment


We achieved the client’s goal of reducing their Google AdWords spend whilst driving a high volume of new patient leads from the advertisements.

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