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If you’re a physiotherapist, speech pathologist, dietitian or chiropractor, then effective marketing can help you benefit from the growing demand for allied health services. Our growth strategy unpacks your business direction and identifies the marketing tools to get you there. Having done this important groundwork, we can then market your services so your ideal clients choose you.


The Brief

The Brisbane Spine Clinic offers physiotherapy services to people in Brisbane. The Brisbane Spine Clinic aims to position themselves as Spinal Consultants, offering spinal specific services including second opinions to spinal surgery and non-surgical spinal treatment solutions.



3 November –
13 November



The Brisbane
Spine Clinic



Digital Marketing


Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy is vital. Our marketing strategies are tailored to your needs, helping you grow your practice by acquiring and retaining patients.



A website is where most patients first meet you and decide if you’re a good match. Your website needs to reflect your culture and values to encourage prospective patients and referrers to use you.

Content Creation


Content is the cornerstone of your marketing, enabling you to educate your patients and demonstrate your credibility. We create content that’s specific to your business, expresses your personality and complies with industry standards.

iphone-alliedhealth-001 SEO


Your website needs to rank highly in Google and other search engines so patients can find you. SEO is a carefully planned, ongoing activity as good rankings develop over time. And a necessary digital investment.


Social Media

Keyword research targets your Google or Facebook ads to the right clients resulting in a strong conversion rate.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are highly effective marketing tools that allow us to reach a huge number of prospective patients and target them right down to a specific location.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation or Acquisition and Retention Strategies

We spark interest in your practice from prospective patients or old ones who’ve drifted away through lead generation activities.

Data-Driven Process


Video Campaign

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Landing Page

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Keyword Research

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Google & Facebook Ads

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Conversion Tracking

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The numbers speak for themselves

332 Clicks (Ads to landing page) 10 Enquiries (Phone calls and emails) 5 Conversions (5 New Patients in 10 Days!)

Download our Data-Driven Marketing Strategy eBook

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Start Attracting Patients Today!

The best time to hire a marketing agency like Splice Marketing is now — when it’s still an option. Not when it becomes an urgency — like when you’re worried your medical practice might not survive because you don’t have enough patients.

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