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Content Marketing for Healthcare Practitioners

With the rapid advancements towards a digital world, the patient journey as we once knew it has very much changed. According to tech giant Google, one in every 20 searches performed through its search engine is related to healthcare. The patient is becoming educated before they ever visit their health practitioner. So how do we take advantage of the patient shift to the digital world? The answer is content marketing!

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach with a goal of creating informative, valuable and consistent content for distribution via numerous channels to attract and retain your target audience. As we have already established, many potential patients are turning to Dr. Google as their first response to a symptom or pain point.

The goal of content marketing is to answer those pain points or symptoms the potential patient is searching for with valuable and informative information with the intention of converting them into a patient through a strategic and targeted marketing approach.

We have a proven formula for content marketing so contact us to learn more about it and how it can benefit your business!

Types of Content Marketing

When creating content for your business, we don’t just offer a one size fits all approach. We take the time to create content that’s specific to your business, your tone of voice and the type of content that will best portray your message to your target audience. Some of our content types include:

Videos – An exciting and somewhat untapped form of content marketing. Videos are an effective way of presenting a common problem and offering a solution.

Infographics – An easy to read visual breakdown of statistics and key points offering a summary of related content to a symptom, pain point or procedure.

Images – Splitting up your content with compelling and relatable images is likely to make patients more inclined to continue reading what you have written.

Blogs – An informal and conversational article written on a specific subject. The goal of writing blogs is to offer fresh interesting material to your website or social media page.

 Social media posts – Facebook has become an essential part of digital marketing. Having a social media presence allows you to engage with your target audience and promote your brand directly to your followers.

E-mail newsletters – E-mailing newsletters and your latest blog posts directly to your patient database. This keeps your patients up to date and a constant reminder of your brand and services.

Examples of these content types are evident throughout our website and for an example of an infographic, refer to our healthcare content infographic below:

Healthcare content marketing explained

Better Still - Content Offers Huge SEO Benefits

The search engine algorithms (think Google Bots) have become very intelligent in the way then can identify fresh new content. They also measure how informative or relevant your content is by the duration of time spent on your page by a visitor. All these factors allow the Google Bots to determine the relevancy of your content for your patients / clients.

Ranking on the first page of Google is the ultimate goal for any business, and content marketing is going to play a huge role in getting you there. A strategic approach to your content, coupled with compelling images, informative infographics, well-written content that is regularly updated as well as the inclusion of video content is going to place you in a much better position than your competitors when patients search for keywords and symptoms related to your industry.

At Splice Marketing, we are full of creative ideas on how to get your content in front of prospective patients. Give us a call and lets have a chat!

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