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The benefits of Social Media Marketing for the health sector

Social media is the skill of promoting your practice on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where Australians spend a staggering amount of time each day. It’s about meeting your patients online and using those platforms to share practice information and key health messages. When patients like your content, they share it with their friends, extending your reach and potentially generating new patients. 

For businesses, social media is a great way to educate and engage with your audiences. It’s about adding the human element to your brand and offering personalised experiences through content, responses to comments and feedback. LinkedIn and other social platforms are a great tool for reaching prospective clients and attracting them to your brand.

The success of your social media efforts comes down to three key factors:

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value

Your message

Answering the questions of your audience and in an engaging way is what keeps people returning and engaging with your content.


Strategy & Execution

An organic and paid social media strategy is the difference of an average social media presence and a strong social media presence.

Personalised Onboarding

Knowing your audience

To thrive on social media, you need to adapt to your audience's behaviour.

Splice Content Marketing

All this social media marketing stuff actually works

You’re an Aboriginal Medical Centre or general practice wanting to educate your patients about important health information. Or maybe you’re a surgeon and you understand that social media plays a key role in helping patients decide whether to see you or your competitor down the road.

Perhaps you work in the Life Sciences sector and you are after a specialised agency that can help you build your social media presence and keep the compliance team happy. You want to know how to market on social media and we’ve got the answers.

We’ve helped many health professionals and marketers overcome these barriers and achieve great results from their social media marketing efforts. And we’d love to help you to.

Social media marketing when coupled with your other marketing efforts results in:

  • Increased traffic to your website (known as inbound marketing)
  • Positive perceptions of your brand
  • Increased loyalty and trust amongst your followers
  • Improved local or national brand awareness and reach
  • Greater insights into interests and behaviours of your audience
  • Cost-effective and highly targeted advertising.

When we talk about social media, really, we are referring to the popular online channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Each of these channels has a different purpose and depending on your bottom-line objectives, services, and patient groups, we will recommend the right channel(s) to achieve your business needs.

Kelly Ellie Tam in Splice Marketing

Social media can be leveraged for multiple purposes a number of business objectives.

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value


Show up online to meet your patients and share informative, relevant, engaging content that makes them want more.

Qualified Healthcare Marketers


People love sharing videos and often like getting to know you online before they get to know you in person.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn are great tools for lead generation. It's about crafting the right message, value-exchange and sharing that to the right audiences.

Growth Marketing Focus

Increasing Traffic

Your social media presence is designed to bring patients to your website, to your online home where there’s more content to explore. The more traffic, the more calls.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Whether it's a boosted post on your Facebook business page, a post on your LinkedIn profile, social media is great for increasing brand awareness.

Patient Retention

Retention of Clients

Offering value to your clients through content and newsworthy information is a great way to keep them interested in you and your brand.

Our Social Media Process



Mining patient forums for frequently asked questions.

Personalised Onboarding


Sharing relevant content on the right social platforms.

Tech Stack


Converting patients’ interest into new bookings.



Building brand identity to develop loyal followers.



To remain relevant, we revisit the same process every 90 days.

Our Social Media Numbers

We specialise in social media for those in the health and medical sector.
If you’re in the Life Sciences industries,
we know how to make social media work for you and remain compliant:

Over 40 healthcare clients who use our social media services every month.
Over 200 social media posts published every month for HCPs.
Over 35 paid social media campaigns managed monthly

Meet the A-Team Your Growth Marketing team

Here’s our little secret.

We’re all obsessed with getting results for our clients. And we’re not just marketing experts – we’re healthcare marketing specialists.

Our team brings decades of medical & healthcare marketing experience working with some of Australia’s finest healthcare brands. Brands like AGPAL & QIP, Cochlear, Genie Solutions, MSD, and local healthcare professionals like Glenelg Orthopaedics, SpeechEase and The Brisbane Spine Clinic.

As well as our core marketing growth team (the team to your right), we also have a team of specialists who partner with us on specific projects:

  • Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer of Onyx Legal to help ensure healthcare professionals remain on the right side of the law; and
  • Dr Billy Chow for business consultancy services for medical and healthcare professionals and organisations.

When you hire Splice Marketing, you’re hiring a team of healthcare marketing experts who know how to craft campaigns rooted in truth, empathy and accuracy of health information. 


Founder & CEO


Chief Marketing Officer


Senior Marketing Manager


Senior Account Manager


Account Manager


PPC & CRO Specialist


Senior Healthcare Copywriter


Senior Graphic Designer


Social Media Specialist


Head of Growth and Acquisition


SEO Specialist


Website Designer and Developer


Business & Marketing Executive, Splice Consulting

Social Media Success Story:


Aboriginal Medical Centre

CRAICCHS is a medical centre providing high quality social, health and wellbeing programs to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. CRAICCHS wanted to establish a strong social media presence that would help them connect with local community members, provide education around health-related information and offer greater customer service through accessibility.

Splice Marketing created a social media strategy that involved compliance and social media management, branding and content creation.

In a 9 month period we:

  • Increased their Facebook following by 942%
  • Increased total monthly reach by 2496%
  • Increased total organic reach by 210%
  • Increased total paid reach by 12370%
  • Increased total impressions by 3140%

Book Your Free Marketing Consultation

It’s not the size of your marketing budget but what you do with it that matters.
That’s why we’ll step back and take a look at the big picture. How much you spend, and what you spend it on, will likely change over time. But first, we have to find the real problem and outline the right strategy to solve it.
That’s why we start by offering you a strategy session with us. You’ll get a 30-minute meeting and a digital diagnosis of your current online presence.

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