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Adelaide CAD

Your Oral Architects


Adelaide CAD wanted to create a brand that reflected 'master craftsman' or 'oral architects' and reflected their brand values –  integrity, respect, trust and collaboration.

When creating the logo we were requested to take into the account the practice name. The name AdelaideCAD was partly chosen to link back to the CAD/CAM or computer-aided design and manufacture that is becoming the norm in dentistry, particularly prosthodontics.

They wanted their name to be associated with a practice which utilises CAD/CAM technologies in their treatment, particularly computer-aided design.


To ensure we created a logo that was a true representation of Adelaide CAD, what they stand for and what sets them apart from their competitors, Splice Marketing worked closely with Adelaide CAD to create a brand strategy.

Splice Marketing workshopped with Adelaide CAD to identify exactly what they liked and disliked, their wants and needs so that we could meet their expectations;

  • Creation of a brand strategy to identify brand positioning statements, messaging, tone and value proposition;
  • Creation of logo (all formats – online and print).
  • Creation of secondary logo – the symbol associated with their business (all formats).
  • Branding style guide – including fonts, logo specifications and imagery.
  • Creation of stationery (business cards)

Design Strategy

To align Adelaide CAD's branding with ‘Master Craftsman’ and ‘Oral Architects’, we created a logo with an architecture feel that is derived from the CAD program itself.

To link back to the 3D visual cues for the business, we further developed the concept by creating an ‘elevated’ symbol for the logo.

The blue and grey colour palette was chosen for the master craftsman feel. Blue also signifies trust, dependability and strength, while grey signifies balance and calm which were all important brand traits for Adelaide CAD.

The end result, a brand that:

  • Speaks to both Adelaide CAD's patients and their dental colleagues.
  • Communicates their brand values.
  • Avoids the use of obvious tooth motifs as Adelaide CAD prefers to think of their patients as a whole (not just a tooth).



Brand Strategy

Website Design and Development

Digital Experience

Adelaide Cad Phone
Adelaide CAD Reception
Adelaide CAD Custom Mask
Adelaide CAD Mobile Website
Adelaide CAD Brand Book Case Study

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