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Medical Practice Starter Package

What is a Practice Starter Package?

It’s the perfect service for medical and health professionals, investors & business professionals looking to start a healthcare or medical practice this year. Contemporary marketing methods help build a thriving practice. Our Practice Starter Package delivers marketing services designed to build awareness, reputation and trust to win you new patients.

Marketing Strategy


You have a big vision. But without strategy, it remains an illusion. Let us outline the plan that wins patients.



Our job is to design a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your patients and sets you apart from your competition.

marketing campaigns


Building a healthcare or medical brand from scratch can be a scary process. Let us handle all your marketing from day one, so you can focus on offering a 5-star patient experience.

John Splice Marketing

One agency, one focus, and all the marketing services you need to launch and grow your practice

Practice Starter
Practice Starter
Practice Starter
Digital Marketing Strategies

Let us help you start up a successful medical practice

Healthcare SEO


1 in 20 Google searches are health related. Good SEO means that new patients can find you online in seconds.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


Google, Facebook and social media ad campaigns that deliver almost instant results. That means more patients calling.

email marketing


Email marketing campaigns that drive 2-5x more traffic to your website. And even better, win more new patients.

Social Media

Social Media

We'll use social networks to tell stories about your brand, to show that there are real people behind your clinic, and to build trust.



This allows patients to meet you online, learn from you and book appointments after-hours.



Video marketing that shares your healthcare message and builds meaningful relationships with old and new patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll likely have some questions so we’ve compiled a list of FAQs. Feel free to call or email us with your questions if they are not on the list.

Stats continue to be published about a medical professionals use of digital channels to find health information and connect with pharmaceutical companies. GP engagement surveys are also proving that GPs want greater access to digital patient resources and information.

Digital is what we know. It’s what comes naturally. It’s what we excel at.

We will think of innovative new ways to help your brand or drug stand out in the market and have a presence online that satisfy’s not only your compliance team but the regulatory bodies.

If you are after the more traditional marketing methods, we have a creative team who we partner with that can support.

We know you’re highly regulated which is why we have an in-house legal team to advise and support us with compliance.

We also have 4 staff here at Splice Marketing who’ve completed their Veeva Vault Content Partner certification and partner with another medical creative agency who has their Veeva Multichannel Partners certification.

Value-based marketing is how we approach HCP engagement.

It’s about providing the HCP with value that helps improve their business through education such as tech products, digital patient resources, credible patient websites and video content.

We are a fairly new marketing agency (<3 years old) but we know our stuff when it comes to digital marketing in the medical & pharmaceutical space. We are currently working with one of the top pharmaceutical marketing companies to produce a patient information site and sales engagement strategy.

And closely aligned is our work in medical device marketing with a national HCP and patient awareness programs to increase awareness of aortic stenosis (heart disease) and provide treatment information. 

Cosmetic products that have a therapeutic effect on the body such as cosmetic injections or products, must comply with the advertising framework of the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Our marketing and promotional strategies are created in a way that meets these regulations.

We make decisions like you do
- using data and research.



Market research and data are at the core of all marketing decisions we make. We monitor your campaigns and fine-tune your message based on your patients’ online behaviour.

Personalised Onboarding


Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, we'll make sure you'll be present where your patients are looking.

Tech Stack


We then serve personalised content that motivates people to move to the next stage faster. That means scheduling an appointment.



We use data to understand both existing and new patients.



We test, tweak and try again to figure out which marketing tactics work. Then we double down on what works and ditch what doesn’t.

What to expect from our marketing team

You’re hiring a dedicated in-house paid ad specialist + a healthcare copywriter + an account manager who offer you:

Hours a day (including weekends)
Hours of digital healthcare marketing research
Hours of healthcare marketing experience

Meet our Leadership Team

Here’s our little secret.

The Splice team are obsessed with getting results for our clients. And we’re not just marketing experts – we’re healthcare marketing specialists.

Our team of 20+ brings decades of medical & healthcare marketing experience working with some of Australia’s finest healthcare brands.

As well as our core marketing growth team (the team to your right), we partner with:

– Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer of Onyx Legal to help ensure healthcare professionals remain on the right side of the law

When you hire Splice Marketing, you’re hiring a team of healthcare marketing experts who know how to craft campaigns rooted in truth, empathy and accuracy of health information. 


Founder & CEO


Chief Operating Officer


Creative Director


Head of Design and Production


Head of Account Management


SEO and Projects Manager


Senior Multimedia and Graphic Designer

Matt Anson

Senior Account Manager


Account Manager


Senior Healthcare Copywriter


Paid Performance Manager


Paid Performance Manager


Website Designer and Developer


Social Media Specialist


Marketing and Admin Assistant


Graphic Designer


Digital Coordinator

Starter Success Story:

Adelaide CAD

Adelaide CAD offers prosthodontic services to people in Adelaide. The challenge was to position Adelaide CAD as oral architects. To do this, we had to create a full brand identity that whispered to their audience that Adelaide CAD’s prosthodontists were masters of their craft who would diagnose, design and create dental solutions according to each patient’s needs and budget.

Book Your Free Marketing Consultation

It’s not the size of your marketing budget but what you do with it that matters.
That’s why we’ll step back and take a look at the big picture. How much you spend, and what you spend it on, will likely change over time. But first, we have to find the real problem and outline the right strategy to solve it.
That’s why we start by offering you a strategy session with us. You’ll get a 30-minute meeting and a digital diagnosis of your current online presence.

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