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What is Telehealth Marketing?

Telehealth marketing lets people know that you now offer telehealth consultations. This is a new way of doing things for most patients (and most healthcare professionals!) but people are definitely ready to try this new way of healthcare delivery – if they know you offer it.

By actively marketing telemedicine, you are reaching a market favourable to the idea of the virtual visit. You’re protecting your staff and your patients from unnecessary proximity and protecting your practice’s long-term viability. How? By retaining existing patients and gaining new ones who’d prefer to use eHealth just now.

Content Creation on a Busy Schedule

All this telehealth marketing stuff might actually work

Clarity of thought enables clarity of communication. So, as with any new service, you need to think about why you’re offering telehealth and how you’ll run it so that you can communicate clearly with your target audience.

Ask yourself questions about:

  • Duration: Are you offering telehealth as a temporary response to the COVID-19 pandemic or do you plan to continue it as a long-term care option for some or all patients?
  • Timeliness: Will it be a real-time service like a video consultation or phone call or will you ask patients to send images (e.g. of wounds) for review later?
  • Market segmentation: Are you targeting our usual local patients or are you going to expand your geographic reach and take patients from beyond your usual patch?
  • Capacity: How many telehealth points are feasible in one day? What are the hours of operation?

Above all, what sets your telehealth service apart? Why should people choose you?

We can then develop a telehealth marketing plan for your practice that will clearly communicate your key messages to your intended audience, helping to protect and promote your practice. We’re also mining patient forums, identifying frequently asked questions about telehealth and ensuring your practice provides the answers.

We’ll use as many opportunities as possible to tell people about your telehealth service, making sure they notice it on your website, your social media posts, your emails, your invoices, and any other times they interact with your practice. We’ll target your existing and potential patients in different ways.

Splice Marketing's telehealth marketing services include telehealth marketing plans, telehealth patient resources and educational material, online marketing promotion and internal marketing promotions to your current patients.


Marketing Your Telehealth Service

Innovation (1)


Enabling patients to understand your telehealth service and encouraging them to try it.

Increasing Referral Numbers


Demonstrating that your practice adapts to meet patients’ needs, even in the most difficult times.

Lead Generation


Finding and connecting you to prospective ehealth patients.



Enabling you to offer care despite distance, retain patients and gain new ones, protecting your practice now and into the future.



Providing you with a suite of digital and print resources to promote your new telehealth service to patients and colleagues. 

Lead Generation

Extending Your Networks

Geography is no limit now – refer to a growing network of telehealth providers across Australia.

We make our decisions like you do using data and research.



Mining patient forums for frequently asked questions about health conditions and health services.



Sharing relevant, educational content on the right social platforms.



Converting patients’ interest into new bookings.



Building brand identity to develop loyal followers.



Increase following, increase awareness, increase patient numbers.

What to expect from our marketing team.

You’re hiring a dedicated in-house paid ad specialist + a healthcare copywriter + an account manager who offer you:

Hours a day (including weekends)
Hours of digital healthcare marketing research
Hours of healthcare marketing experience

Meet the A-Team

Your Growth Marketing team

Here’s our little secret.

We’re all obsessed with getting results for our clients. And we're not just marketing experts we’re healthcare marketing specialists.

Our team brings decades of medical & healthcare marketing experience working with some of Australia's finest healthcare brands. Brands like AGPAL & QIP, Cochlear, Genie Solutions, MSD, and local healthcare professionals like Glenelg Orthopaedics, SpeechEase and The Brisbane Spine Clinic.

As well as our core marketing growth team (the team to your right), we also have a team of specialists who partner with us on specific projects:

  • Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer of Onyx Legal to help ensure healthcare professionals remain on the right side of the law; and
  • Dr Billy Chow for business consultancy services for medical and healthcare professionals and organisations.

When you hire Splice Marketing, you’re hiring a team of healthcare marketing experts who know how to craft campaigns rooted in truth, empathy and accuracy of health information. 


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Co-Founder & Marketing Director

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Marketing Executive

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Senior Marketing Manager

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Content & Design Manager

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SEO Specialist

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Website Designer and Developer

Clare Kelly


PPC & CRO Specialist

Tahlia Webster


Digital Marketing Coordinator

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