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Influencer & KOL Marketing

What is influencer and KOL marketing?

Influencer or key opinion leader (KOL) marketing is a way to promote your brand using someone your target audience already likes and trusts. Influencer marketing is a great fit in healthcare where credibility is vital. You’re drawing on an existing relationship between your audience and your social influencer to persuade more people to try what you offer.

Marketing Strategy

Set your goals & craft your message

Do you want to raise brand awareness, generate leads or something else? We help you clarify your goals and messaging.


Match your influencer to your audience

We find the right influencer, ensuring there's a good fit between your brand and their sphere of influence.

Qualified Healthcare Marketers

Track results

We use a range of marketing metrics to track the success of your campaign.

Influencer and KOL Marketing

All This Influencer Marketing Might Actually Work...

Successful influencer marketing can generate a strong return on investment. As a marketing agency, we’ve certainly seen that.

But it all depends on picking the right influencer. You need someone whose reputation and sphere of influence align with your business.

Michael Jordan was a great fit for Nike but you don’t have to go that big. Micro-influencers with 10,000-50,000 followers work well because their audience values authenticity and relates to them well.

What does that mean for you? A respected allied health professional could promote your event to their colleagues on LinkedIn. A popular mummy blogger might promote your baby products through Facebook and Instagram. An influential GP might endorse your practice management software or telehealth platform. There are many possibilities. 


Growth Marketing Focus

Sponsor content

Contribute content to your influencer's blog in order to reach their audience.

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value

Social media mentions

Get your influencer to mention you on their social media feeds. Influencers play a valuable role in digital marketing.

Growth Marketing Focus

Contests and giveaways

Your influencer runs a contest among their followers and the winner gets something from your brand.

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value

Event promotion

Your influencer encourages their followers to attend your event.

Growth Marketing Focus

Discount codes

Your influencer gives their followers a discount code to use when buying your products or registering for your event.

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value

Brand ambassadors

You form a long-term relationship with a key opinion leader who will regularly promote your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Influencer Marketing Can Achieve A Number Of Business Objectives.

Influencer and KOL Marketing

Build brand awareness

Improved recognition and respect for your brand.

Influencer and KOL Marketing

Strengthen brand identity

More people align themselves with your brand personality and values.

Growth Marketing Focus

Build your audience

More followers and subscribers to boost the success of your future marketing efforts.

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value

Increase engagement

More likes, shares and comments and more visibility for your content.

Digital Diagnosis

Lead generation and sales

Draw more people into your sales funnels.


Improve online success

Generate backlinks to improve your website's SEO.

Our Influencer Marketing Process


Identify your needs

In discussion with you, we identify your target audience and set goals for the campaign.


Find the influencer

We explore online forums popular with your target audience and see who they're listening to.

Customer Engagement

Craft the campaign

We create a campaign designed to achieve your goals using the chosen influencer.

Low Understanding of Product_s Benefits and Value

Track results

We use various marketing metrics to check progress against KPIs.

Marketing Strategy

Nurture the audience

We set up nurturing sequences to make the most of your new leads.

What to expect from our marketing team

You’re hiring a dedicated in-house paid ad specialist + a healthcare copywriter + an account manager who offer you:

Hours a day (including weekends)
Hours of digital healthcare marketing research
Hours of healthcare marketing experience

Meet the A-Team Your Growth Marketing team

Here’s our little secret.

We’re all obsessed with getting results for our clients. And we’re not just marketing experts – we’re healthcare marketing specialists.

Our team brings decades of medical & healthcare marketing experience working with some of Australia’s finest healthcare brands. Brands like AGPAL & QIP, Cochlear, Genie Solutions, MSD, and local healthcare professionals like Glenelg Orthopaedics, SpeechEase and The Brisbane Spine Clinic.

As well as our core marketing growth team (the team to your right), we also have a team of specialists who partner with us on specific projects:

  • Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer of Onyx Legal to help ensure healthcare professionals remain on the right side of the law; and
  • Dr Billy Chow for business consultancy services for medical and healthcare professionals and organisations.

When you hire Splice Marketing, you’re hiring a team of healthcare marketing experts who know how to craft campaigns rooted in truth, empathy and accuracy of health information. 


Founder & CEO


Chief Operating Officer


Leadership & Strategy Consultant


Creative Director


Head of Design and Production


Senior Multimedia and Graphic Designer


Head of Account Management

Matt Anson

Senior Account Manager


Account Manager


SEO and Projects Manager


Senior Healthcare Copywriter


Paid Performance Manager


PPC & CRO Specialist


Website Designer and Developer


Social Media Specialist


Marketing and Admin Assistant


Graphic Designer


Digital Coordinator

influencer marketing Success Story:

Wellspring Chiropractor

Wellspring Chiropractic aims to empower people to experience optimal health and wellness through chiropractic care and an active process of healthy lifestyle choices.

To position Wellspring Chiropractic as a leader in chiropractic care and increase bookings at their clinics in North Lakes and Newstead, Splice Marketing organised an influencer marketing campaign based around an exclusive invitation-only event featuring Tim Robards.

Before he rose to fame on The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and Neighbours, Tim Robards practised as a chiropractor for 7 years, gaining his Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 2009. 

Leveraging Tim’s profile enabled us to influence Wellspring’s ideal client base: health conscious consumers seeking to improve their overall health and fitness through diet, exercise and alternative health treatments.

We leveraged Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to create hype around the event and position Wellspring Chiropractic as thought leaders.

The event focused on the value of alternative medicine to overall health and fitness. Tim gave a presentation, followed by a panel discussion with Wellspring’s chiropractors and then questions from the audience. 

Book Your Free Marketing Consultation

It’s not the size of your marketing budget but what you do with it that matters.
That’s why we’ll step back and take a look at the big picture. How much you spend, and what you spend it on, will likely change over time. But first, we have to find the real problem and outline the right strategy to solve it.
That’s why we start by offering you a strategy session with us. You’ll get a 30-minute meeting and a digital diagnosis of your current online presence.

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