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Awareness Campaigns

Marketing helps raise health awareness.

Do you want to raise the profile of a health condition, encourage lifestyle change or promote early diagnosis to save lives? We can help you achieve that. Let us craft a targeted awareness campaign that stimulates conversations, promotes positive change, and delivers hope.

Living with any disease is tough. But living with a rare condition can bring additional frustration. Because these conditions affect fewer people, there’s often less investment in research, limited treatment options and little support. Splice Marketing can help your organisation run a successful awareness-raising campaign that draws attention to your cause.

Marketing Strategy

Save lives, encourage investment, cut treatment costs

We craft powerful messages and effective disease awareness campaigns that change behaviour.


A powerful strategic plan

We help you increase your target audience’s knowledge and their desire to act. We set clear, measurable targets to help you gauge the campaign’s effectiveness.

Customer Engagement

Healthcare marketing experts

You're hiring a team of healthcare marketing experts who know how to craft campaigns rooted in truth, courage and empathy.

All this awareness campaign stuff might actually work

Depending on your objectives, educational marketing campaigns are a powerful marketing activity to help you reach your target audience, provide education and increase your brand awareness, leading to the desired outcome of booking a consultation or positioning your brand as a trusted source for information.

When we talk about educational marketing campaigns, we are referring to the sequence of consistent messages about your product or service using various marketing channels such as social media, your website, online advertising, search engines, email, print, video, trade shows, and radio.

If you think about a patient’s consideration set, along with statistics confirming it usually takes 6-8 touch points before someone engages in a sale, an educational marketing campaign is the best way to keep your brand current and in front of patients during this time.

With the right campaign strategy and campaign assets (content, imagery) and an experienced agency to support you, you will be amazed at the results.

What does the process look like for a marketing campaign?

First and foremost, we start with your business goals such as:

  • New patient acquisition
  • Pre-qualification of clients
  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Reach referral networks
  • Position your business as the preferred healthcare provider in your local area.

Once the goals are established, it’s time for the creative. The creative refers to the image, professional video, messaging and branding that is used within the campaign. Anything that will capture the attention of your desired audience and make them aware of what it is you do.

Step three is usually channel selection. By channels, we mean where we will showcase your campaign whether it’s on your website, social media, advertising, email, presentations, conferences or even in your practice. We’ve visualised the various channels in the infographic below.

Finally, we’ve got the ongoing management of your marketing campaign so we can continually edit, improve and ensure you get the results matched to your original campaign goal.

Let us craft awareness campaigns that educate patients and help improve their health literacy.


Science-based marketing

The key to a successful awareness campaign: 80% research, 20% hard work. That's our promise.

Marketing Campaigns

Channel-agnostic campaigns

This means we’ll focus on your message and your audience rather than on the needs of a particular digital channel so that your campaign stimulates conversations and positive action.

Lead Generation

The right spokesperson

We'll invite industry experts like surgeons or health experts to be the voice of your campaign.


Relevant to your audience

Our job is to understand your target group. We'll look for insights that can help us make your message more relevant to them. 


Website content

Engaging content on your website that educates and inspires action.


Give it time

To ensure the best results, these marketing campaigns typically run for 6-12 months. 

We make our decisions like you do using data and research.



Mining patient forums for frequently asked questions about health conditions and health services.



Sharing relevant, educational content on the right social platforms.



Converting patients’ interest into new bookings.



Building brand identity to develop loyal followers.



Increase following, increase awareness, increase patient numbers.

What to expect from our marketing team.

You’re hiring a dedicated in-house paid ad specialist + a healthcare copywriter + an account manager who offer you:

Hours a day (including weekends)
Hours of digital healthcare marketing research
Hours of healthcare marketing experience

Meet the A-Team

Your Growth Marketing team

Here’s our little secret.

We’re all obsessed with getting results for our clients. And we're not just marketing experts we’re healthcare marketing specialists.

Our team brings decades of medical & healthcare marketing experience working with some of Australia's finest healthcare brands. Brands like AGPAL & QIP, Cochlear, Genie Solutions, MSD, and local healthcare professionals like Glenelg Orthopaedics, SpeechEase and The Brisbane Spine Clinic.

As well as our core marketing growth team (the team to your right), we also have a team of specialists who partner with us on specific projects:

  • Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer of Onyx Legal to help ensure healthcare professionals remain on the right side of the law; and
  • Dr Billy Chow for business consultancy services for medical and healthcare professionals and organisations.

When you hire Splice Marketing, you’re hiring a team of healthcare marketing experts who know how to craft campaigns rooted in truth, empathy and accuracy of health information. 


Ellie Bakker


Co-Founder & Marketing Director

John Landau



Kelly Dimkovska


Marketing Executive

Tamara Neho-Popata


Senior Marketing Manager

Emily Yore


Content & Design Manager

Beth Micklethwaite





SEO Specialist

Laura Kim Headshot 1


Website Designer and Developer

Clare Kelly


PPC & CRO Specialist

Tahlia Webster


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Health Awareness Campaign Success Story:
Hope For Hearts

Aortic Stenosis is a heart disease affecting 1 in 8 elderly Australians. Up to 50% of people who develop severe Aortic Stenosis symptoms will die within an average of two years if they do not have their aortic valve replaced.

Working closely with Edwards Lifesciences and Connect The Docs, the team at Splice Marketing was involved with the strategy and execution of a national awareness campaign for aortic stenosis. The campaign targeted both the medical fraternity and patients.

In just a year of launching the campaign, we received media coverage across all the major media outlets (Channel 7, Channel 9, 10 and local newspapers) reaching over 1 million people, a website that now ranks for highly competitive keywords, and an increase in engagement between the cardiologists involved and the medical reps at Edwards Lifesciences.

Hope For Hearts Educational Website

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