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Case Study

Facebook Ad Campaign
For a Physiotherapist

5 New Patients in 10 Days!

Physiotherapy clinic secures 5 new patients in just 10 days!

The Challenge

The Brisbane Spine Clinic offers physiotherapy services to people in Brisbane. The Brisbane Spine Clinic aims to position themselves as Spinal Consultants, offering spinal specific services including second opinions to spinal surgery and non-surgical spinal treatment solutions.

To position The Brisbane Spine Clinic as offering these targeted spinal services, increase brand awareness and attract new patients, Splice Marketing implemented an video marketing campaign strategy that was executed through a high-quality interview-style video, blog content, website landing page and a digital marketing campaigns using Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords to drive more traffic and increase search engine optimisation (SEO).

The Process

In the beginning of the partnership between The Brisbane Spine Clinic and Splice Marketing, we undertook a marketing workshop to identify the key objectives of the campaign, ideal patient we need to target and capture, budget and timeframes.With a detailed understanding of the objectives and goals, we:

Expertly Crafted Facebook Posts

The Results

The goal was to raise awareness that The Brisbane Spine Clinic offered an alternative to spinal surgery through assessments and treatment. Second to this was new consultations to drive new patient numbers. The results:

impressions (achieving brand awareness)
clicks from the Ads to the client’s landing page
enquiries (phone calls and emails)
conversions (5 new patients to the practice in 10 days!)

The Summary

All of these results were achieved within a 10-day timeframe with the campaign now set to remain ongoing to continue to increase brand awareness and attract new patients.

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