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Physiotherapist achieves 826 new patients in 5 months
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The Challenge: 

The Brisbane Spine Clinic offers physiotherapy services to people in Brisbane. The Brisbane Spine Clinic aims to position themselves as Spinal Consultants, offering spinal specific services including second opinions to spinal surgery and non-surgical spinal treatment solutions.

The Brisbane market is saturated with physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors and massage therapists. Our client, The Brisbane Spine Clinic, needed a way to stand out. Splice Marketing helped position The Brisbane Spine Clinic as a specialist spinal practice through brand messaging and content marketing.

Branding Process:

To ensure brand positioning, Splice Marketing worked closely with The Brisbane Spine Clinic in the lead-up to the launch of their business to develop their key messaging statements and content direction. The process included:

  • Splice Marketing interviewing The Brisbane Spine Clinic to identify ideal patients and creation of 3 x ideal patient personas;
  • Creation of a marketing strategy to identify brand positioning statements, messaging, tone and value proposition;
  • Creation of a content strategy including content types, persona targeting and content themes;
  • Website content to match brand message;
  • Blog content; and
  • Video content to highlight The Brisbane Spine Clinic’s unique points of difference.

The Results: 

The content marketing is proving to be very successful in educating and converting new patients with one content piece generating 5 new patients within a 10 day period.

North Lakes
Clinic Opening

Client Challenges

Challenge #1

The Brisbane Spine Clinic opened a second location in North Lakes. A location already saturated with established physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

The challenge was to launch, attract and convert the desired number of appointment bookings each week to fill therapists' calendars. Build brand awareness in the location to sustain the second location.

Having been a client of Splice Marketing to launch their original clinic in Eight Mile Plains, they understood the importance digital marketing had to the growth and profitability of the business.

Challenge #2

During the initial 6 months of opening the second location, COVID 19 struck, forcing their patients into lockdown during Mar-May. Where a lot of clinics were closing doors and putting a hold on their marketing, Splice Marketing advised that digital marketing was essential to remain in front of their customers during this time. As many of their competitors ceased their marketing efforts, it meant The Brisbane Spine Clinic was able to increase their market share without an increase in spend.

Client Goals

The Brisbane Spine Clinic engaged Splice Marketing in August 2019 - present (inclusive of the COVID-19 lockdown period of March through May 2020). 

Marketing services: Full Managed Marketing

The Brisbane Spine Clinic provides physiotherapy services at their two locations:

  • Eight Mile Plains (opened in April 2018)
  • North Lakes (opened in August 2019).

These are the goals they wished to achieve:

Creating a strong, recognisable brand for physiotherapy services in Brisbane

Increasing awareness of The Brisbane Spine Clinic's services among their relevant audiences

Making it easy for clients and their families to find The Brisbane Spine Clinic online through organic Google searches and online advertisements

Improving brand presence online through new brand messaging and design to truly portray The Brisbane Spine Clinic's unique value proposition

Attracting at least one new client per week through lead generation activities.

The Process

The winning combinations of marketing activities that results in The Brisbane Spine Clinic's success:

Building Brand Awareness

Building a strong brand awareness to promote services and attract new clients in new location.

Promote New Clinic (NL)

Promote the North Lakes clinic via a launch campaign plan.

MC (2)
Continue Promoting All Services

Continue to promote services and build brand awareness to existing Eight Mile Plains audience during COVID-19.

Win Patients
Increase Clinic Bookings

Generate a minimum of 50 new client bookings per month across the 2 locations (an increase of 127%). 

To achieve TBSCs marketing priorities, Splice Marketing delivered on the following marketing activities:

Facebook and Google paid campaigns including retargeting ads

Increased content development including blogs, social media posts, infographics, videos, and landing pages

Social media management

Email marketing

SEO activities

Tracking and reporting of all digital activities

Monthly marketing meetings.

Expertly Crafted Facebook Posts

The Results

The Brisbane Spine Clinic went from 57 new patient bookings in August 2019 to 152 August 2020 (267% increase)

The Brisbane Spine Clinic increased new patient bookings by 63% within 6 months (during COVID-19)

Website sessions increased by 55% within 6 months (during COVID-19)

Website conversions increased by 71% within 6 months (during COVID-19).

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 12.52.39 pm

March 2020

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 12.53.24 pm

August 2020

The Summary

Focussed and aggressive SEO efforts, audience specific content marketing, and targeted PPC campaigns will increase new patient bookings (even during an economic downturn).

Picture 1

The numbers speak for themselves

new clients per week
% increase in new website users
% increase in Facebook page followers
% increase in paid search traffic
% increase in organic search traffic
% increase in website conversions

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