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Is your advertising AHPRA compliant?

Review your practice’s advertising with Splice Marketing’s checklist

As the owner of a healthcare business, you need patients because you want to equip people to be the healthiest they can be and rely on patients for an income.

That’s why you need to market your services to your target audience. It benefits both them and you.

Like any other business, you have plenty of scope for creativity in how you do that.

Unlike most other businesses, though, if you are a regulated health service you must also comply with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s (AHPRA) Guidelines for advertising a regulated health service, developed jointly by the National Boards under section 39 of the National Law.

Access your copy of our compliance checklist by completing the form.

Disclaimer: our checklist does not constitute as legal advice. Our checklist is from a marketing compliance perspective.

Is your advertising AHPRA compliant?
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