If you have a look at your referral sources, what do you notice?

Majority of your referrals have likely come from online channels such as Google search, online advertising or social media channels as well as a few referrals from networking events, patient referrals or health funds.

As there is no one true source of patient/client referrals, it is important that you adopt a multichannel approach (otherwise known as an integrated marketing approach) to your marketing activities. Marketing campaigns do just this, reach your patients/clients on the channels they prefer.

Marketing campaigns are a powerful way to reinforce your brand positioning, communicate your key messages, create awareness of your services, generate demand and turn prospects into patients/clients.

For service-based industries such as healthcare, marketing campaigns are really effective in achieving bottom-line objectives. Marketing campaigns combine your business goals and objectives; brand messages and content (such as video or imagery); channel options such as social media or website or advertising, to reach your target audiences and achieve your desired outcomes – patient attraction, retention and brand awareness.

What’s even more powerful is when healthcare marketing campaigns incorporate the latest innovative trends such as professional videos and digital marketing. Trust us, we’ve been witness to the success our clients have had as a result of their video marketing campaigns.

In this short article, we highlight 10 of the greatest advantages of a healthcare video marketing campaign for healthcare professionals.

Video Campaign

1. Trust and Credibility 

Constantly delivering your marketing message across a wide range of channels, helps to build brand credibility, which results in consumer trust. Trust and credibility are two key facets of any purchasing decision and even more so for service-based healthcare professionals.

2. Awareness of Your Services

You might know that you offer some exceptional healthcare services, but if nobody else knows this, then you’re unlikely to receive any appointments or bookings. It is that simple. Building a buzz around your healthcare practice, and the services that you provide, will help to tell consumers what is it you do and how you can support them to better their health.

3. Patient-Focused Care (Educational Content)

Healthcare practices can use a video marketing campaign to explain educational content around health conditions or treatments with the intent of informing consumers and engaging with them. This could take the form of explanations of a medical condition and corresponding treatment, describing the benefits of specific treatments, and others. This type of content is great for fulfilling your duties of patient-education and patient-focused care while building brand trust and authority.

4. Healthcare Marketing Campaigns Are Cost Effective

Actioning a healthcare marketing campaign using digital channels, is a very cost-effective way of generating revenue through new patients, referrals or returning patients. Traditional marketing channels such as print and advertising, are not financially viable for many smaller healthcare companies.

5. Expand Brand Footprint

Look at the largest brands out there, Medtronic, Mayo Clinic. They didn’t gain such a wide brand footprint by keeping quiet about the products/services they provide. These brands ensure that their brand name is in the consumer’s eye as often as possible. Healthcare practices can leverage similar marketing techniques to extend their own brand reach.

6. Open Additional Marketing Channels

By engaging Splice Marketing for your healthcare marketing campaigns, you are able to bring in additional marketing channels that you have not exploited previously. For example, you could begin publishing educational YouTube videos or running a Twitter-based Q&A session.

7. Act on Consumer Trends

In Australia, there are currently 15 million active users on Facebook and 15 million active users on YouTube each month (Social Media News, November 2017).

In 2018, mobile devices are predicted to account for 64% of all online video consumption in Australia (Global Picture, 2017).

These statistics highlight consumer trends towards video and social media consumption. Splice Marketing encourage healthcare professionals to embrace these trends by incorporating high-quality professional videos and social media promotion as part of their marketing campaigns. By embracing these trends you will see a greater ROI on your campaigns through engagement with your content, improving trust and credibility toward your brand and attraction of new patients/clients.

8. Build Website Authority

As a secondary benefit of a healthcare marketing campaign, any discussion of the services you offer, which links back to your website or your marketing content, will build search engine authority. The higher your site authority, the further up in search results you appear. The higher the search result, the more clicks through to your website and the easier it is to convert prospects into patients /clients. It’s a win, win situation.

9. Thought Leadership

As a healthcare professional, you have so much knowledge and value to add to improve people’s lives one way or another. A video marketing campaign is a great way to extract your knowledge and share this with your audiences in an educational, communicative and informative way. By speaking on a video and sharing this aross digital channels, you will start to connect with audiences, build that trust and position yourself as an expert in your field.

10. Generate Revenue

This was left until last for a very good reason. With healthcare marketing, as with marketing in any vertical, the goal should be to generate more revenue. It can sometimes be too easy to lose focus and get into a “marketing for marketing’s sake” mindset. Yes, do try new ideas with your healthcare marketing strategy but make sure to link it to your business goals so you can ensure return on investment (ROI) from your marketing activities.

Splice Marketing can work with you to ensure your campaign performs its best so you reap the results.

In Conclusion

Here at Splice Marketing, we’ve tried and tested many campaigns to see what generates the most results for our healthcare clients. We can confidently say that a healthcare video marketing campaign is one of the best, if not the best, way to help achieve the majority of your business objectives and remain cost effective. Read our client’s case study if you need some more proof.

We encourage healthcare businesses to embrace the video age, leverage digital marketing and consider marketing campaigns as a focus to achieve growth and ROI from your 2018 marketing activities.