As the southern hemisphere’s largest Healthcare exhibition, Australian Healthcare Week offers many great ways to discover, connect and learn from some of the leading innovators and experts in the national and global health and medical industries.

The annual event brings together a vast collection of speakers, exhibitors and attendees, who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to congregate and collaborate in the same room.

Splice Marketing had the privilege of attending Australian Healthcare Week as an Exclusive Marketing Partner, providing us with opportunities to access all areas of this fantastic event.

In this article we take a look back and reflect on what we learned across the two-days at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

Australian Healthcare Week is a real spectacle

When you arrive at the International Convention Centre, it’s hard to comprehend what you’re about to see. The stunning location, close to the Sydney Harbour, is an enormous building capable of hosting numerous large-scale events simultaneously.

From the outside looking in though, things are calm and quiet. Even during the check-in process, the event itself isn’t visible.

As soon as you enter the hall, it becomes immediately apparent how many people are in attendance, and the sheer number of stages, exhibitor booths and breakout rooms.

While the event is promoted as “Australia’s #1” Healthcare event, the 8 main stages, hundreds of booths/displays, and as many as 6,000 attendees, means that it can take a moment to absorb and get your bearings.

The caliber of speakers is unrivaled

Across the various stages (Healthcare 2040, Nursing & Midwifery, Digital Health, AI in Healthcare, Aged Care, Patient Experience, Start Up Zone, and Health Facilities Design & Development), there was a combined total of over two hundred speakers, many of whom had traveled internationally to present and participate at AHW.

With themed stages and specialist speakers, there’s something for everyone, regardless of which field of healthcare that you work in.

The fact that most of these accomplished attendees gain access to the event with a free ticket is incredible. A paid ticket will get you access to more intimate Masterclasses – great content and loads of extras – which we would highly recommend if you are looking to take your business or practice to new heights.

splice marketing at australian healthcare week 2024
The Splice Marketing Team at Australian Healthcare Week 2024

It’s a one-of-a-kind collaborative space

The exhibitors and presenters want you to see the latest developments in the space. They also encourage collaboration with many Q&A sessions, fireside chats, and Masterclass opportunities.

If you ever wanted to pick the brain of an expert in your field, there’s a good chance that you would find that opportunity, and many more, at Australian Healthcare Week.

At the end of the day, exhibitors are there to try and increase their brand awareness and product/service sales. But they are also there because they are qualified and relevant to the audience.

Each exhibitor we had the chance to speak to was friendly, engaging, and more than happy to have a chat about their experiences, how you could collaborate with them, and if not, were able to point you in the right direction.

The industry wants a better future

It became clear very quickly that every speaker and expert in their field is working towards a common goal; a future that encompasses a better client experience and outcome.

The overarching message was that by working with the best people, and using technology in the right way, we can create a better global healthcare system.

The theme of ‘Healthcare 2040’ initially felt like we were talking about something that’s an eternity away, but in reality, it’s creeping up fast.

Many of the pieces of tech or processes that are in the spotlight for 2040 are currently being worked on right now. The focus on AI was particularly interesting in that it can be a tool to streamline, speed up, and predict information affecting healthcare that previously would not have been possible.

The future is a regular theme of this event, so by the time the next Healthcare Week comes around, some of these developments will have taken on a whole new level.

We cannot wait to see what is unveiled in 2025.

Why it’s important to plan your Australian Healthcare Week experience

Many attendees came to Australian Healthcare Week with the mindset of ‘I’ll come and see what’s on display’.

The fact that there were so many exhibitors, stages, breakout rooms and speakers meant that if you didn’t have a clear plan of what you wanted to get out of the event, the displays and presentations could easily become a blur.

For anyone attending future Australian Healthcare Week events, it’s particularly important to do some preparation beforehand. You’ll be in good stead, even if it’s just looking at the presentations relevant to your field, and the exhibitors that might be worth visiting.

With so many incredible speakers and topics on show, getting an idea of what you want to take away from the event will give you a better chance of coming away with tangible information and potentially business-changing strategies.

Watch the highlights video from our experience at Australian Healthcare Week 2024 below.