24th June 2020
Ellie Bakker
Co-founder & Marketing Director
Splice Marketing

Born Ready: Splice Marketing Announces Sponsorship of A Brave Life

All-female Brisbane marketing agency commits its time and skills to support young mums

Splice Marketing is excited to be a platinum sponsor for A Brave Life, a not-for-profit group that supports young mums having their first baby.

A Brave Life focuses on:

  • Walking alongside young women, encouraging them to complete their education, pursue their dreams and be brave.
  • Providing essential baby items to young mums through the baby bundle program.

‘We’ll be using our marketing skills pro bono to increase awareness of A Brave Life,’ says Ellie Bakker, co-founder and CEO of Splice Marketing. ‘We want to attract more corporate donations that will buy supplies for the baby bags and fund the mentoring sessions that A Brave Life provides for new young mums.’

Ellie met Melissa Redsell, founding director and CEO of A Brave Life, at the Greater Brisbane Women in Business Awards in 2019 where they both won awards for their work. 

With first-hand experience of the challenges and joys of teenage motherhood, Mel began A Brave Life to support other mums in the same position. Ellie was touched by Mel’s story and offered Splice Marketing’s support to advance A Brave Life’s work.

‘I love that it’s women supporting women,’ says Ellie. ‘Young mums need a support network and A Brave Life creates that for them.’

It’s a great fit for the all-female enterprise that is Splice Marketing. ‘Splice is a team of 8 women with 7 kids between us,’ continues Ellie. ‘The Splice mums remember how valuable it was to have their own baby bag ready when they went to hospital then have opportunities later on to work and study alongside motherhood.’ 

‘We’re also a fairly young group, with half our team under age 30 so we want to support other young women to realise their dreams. That’s why we’re so excited to be a leading sponsor of A Brave Life.’

Splice Marketing is a marketing and communications agency helping Australian medical and healthcare brands to grow through effective, ethical marketing that complies with industry regulations.