Facebook Healthcare Love Affair

We often recommend healthcare professionals improve their Facebook page and here is why:

  • 15 million Australians are on Facebook every month. It’s fair to say a chunk of your patients are part of this stat!
  • A business page gives you a whole range of options that helps you remain compliant with AHPRA and industry bodies such as turning off reviews, blocking particular words and more.
  • Facebook advertising, when you dig into the advanced features like we do, is so powerful in terms of targeting, strategy and return on investment. It’s a powerful and cost-effective way to establish relationships, educate, and build trust and credibility between your target audiences and your brand.
  • Data! For those who are driven by data like us, Facebook shows you a whole range of data insights allowing you to learn more about your followers and the content they like, which helps you improve your Facebook marketing strategies.
  • For our B2B clients, Facebook is a great way to create secret or closed groups allowing you to connect and converse with industry professionals in a safe and secure location.
  • The content options are endless on Facebook. You can share videos, text, images, infographics, create events and even go live and broadcast to your followers.

Want to dive deeper into Facebook for your practice? Check out our social media marketing page or any of our blogs.