Facebook is becoming more challenging for health practices and business alike. The algorithm changes mean that only around 2% of your Facebook business page followers will see your content.

Insider Tips

Here are a few ways you can ensure your content reaches more patients:

  • Content is king! Have lots of great content, with variety e.g. video, text, image and infographics. We can help and have content packages to suit all needs.
  • Post quality content reliably often, e.g. one great post a week.
  • Use relevant, value-added content to ensure each post prompts engagement – comments, likes and shares.
  • Work with media-rich content wherever possible. If you’ve got something worth saying and you’re aiming at the right kind of patient-audience, videos and interaction-prompting content are a key way of driving engagement. You can track video analytics too and see what turns people on to your content and when they stop paying attention.
  • Protect your page – compliance is a big one so ensure you have a compliant Facebook page. We have a complimentary compliance checklist so reach out for your free copy.
  • Run Facebook Ads. Let us help you to structure a good ad campaign to reach more of your local target audiences.
  • Always keep an eye on your competitors, what they’re doing, and how people are reacting. You can track competitors through your page insights.

If you want to check out more content tips, visit our guide to a simple yet effective content marketing plan, or our content marketing page.