If you’ve got a job interview or a big date coming up, you’ll probably invest in a new outfit. Why? Because you know that first impressions count – and you want to make it a good one.

Your website is the first impression potential customers have of your company. And it can easily be outworn as a neglected wardrobe.

Website trends and designs can change just as fashion does, so the look and feel of your website may be outdated. Technology also advances and people’s behaviour changes – 87% of people instantly turn to their smartphone when they need information.

Most importantly, your organisation has probably changed too. You’ve clarified your purpose and developed new services. You know who you are and who you’re there for much more clearly than what you did a few years ago. But your website is still communicating the old you in the old way.

So, how do you make your website work for your business? There are many considerations when refreshing your website but the end result should:

  1. Communicate with your target audience
  2. Sell your product or service
  3. Deliver a positive user experience
  4. Enable you to do more.

Your Website Communicates With Your Target Audience

Your website is your most important communication tool. It should show your ideal clients that you’re on their wavelength, that you understand their needs, and that you are the solution to a particular problem they face. 

Strong brands understand:

How well does your company understand those things? You need clarity on each one before you begin refreshing your website. That’s because the answers will direct the tone, content, words and visuals.

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Your website needs to communicate:

  • Your brand story, personality and values
  • Your products or services
  • What it’s like to work with you
  • Your expertise (content marketing helps here)
  • How to get in touch.

Your Website Sells Your Product or Service

Your website should turn browsers into buyers. That’s partly about technical considerations like search engine optimisation to boost your Google rankings so your ideal clients can find you. 

It’s also about tailoring the copy on your landing pages to match your users’ search intent

The content should be engaging and informative with clear and regular calls to action. You don’t want your readers to simply have a lovely time browsing your site. You want them to do something as a result. 

Depending on your organisation and your marketing goals, you might want them to:

  • Donate to an appeal
  • Book a free demo
  • Make an appointment
  • Request a free quote 
  • Contact one of your brand representatives
  • Buy something right there on your site.

Your Website Delivers a Positive User Experience

User experience (UX) shifts the focus from what you’re trying to communicate to what it’s like for people to use your website. That includes things like design, ease of navigation, mobile optimisation, and load speed.

Optimising your website for smartphone searches is now vital. Back in 2013, 34% of Google searches were done on mobile devices. Many websites prioritised desktop users, since they were responsible for two-thirds of searches. Now, 64% of Google searches are done on a mobile device. Your website has to work well on a mobile. 

It also has to suit busy, impatient people. That brings us to your load time. If your website doesn’t appear within 5 seconds of someone clicking on your link in the search results, you’ve lost your customer. By this point, 90% of users hit the back button and click on a competitor’s link. And those who’ve stayed are entering your site with a bad impression already. A good web developer can fix many of the technical mistakes that lead to a slow load speed.

Your Website Enables You to Do More

Your website can be designed with additional features like:

  • A members’ only area full of extra resources for your most loyal customers who’ve paid their membership fee
  • An educational portal housing physician-only educational content about your new medical device or drug
  • An online therapy area for patients on your waiting list, keeping them loyal and helping them improve aspects of their health while they wait for an appointment.

Ready to Refresh Your Website?

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  • Develop an appealing website that delivers a great user experience
  • Create engaging content that appeals to your target audience
  • Turn browsers into buyers. 

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