In the dynamic world of healthcare, staying ahead in marketing can be as crucial as the services you provide.

The Google ads platform is one of many marketing channels that is constantly making updates to their platform and their advertising regulations. Staying on top of the changes to Google ads is one way to ensure your Google ads are generating sufficient new patient leads and giving you a good return on investment.

If you’re a health professional and feel you’re not up to date with the latest trends for Google Ad campaigns, or have run Google Ads without much success, then you might be interested in our FREE Google Ads account health check.

Our Paid Marketing Performance Managers at Splice Marketing are available to meet with you over a 20-minute Zoom call and review your Google Ads performance, providing feedback and tips for improvements. To book your FREE Google Ads account health check, please complete the form below.

Interested to learn more about Google Ads?

Dive deeper into our approach and Ian’s methods by watching his introductory video. It’s not just an overview of our services; it’s a window into the potential future of your practice’s marketing strategy.

About Ian, Paid Performance Manager

Ian has over two decades of expertise in Google ads with the past few years specifically focused on managing Google ads for medical and healthcare businesses.

Ian is ready to delve into what makes your practice unique and how to showcase that to your audience.