Interview Transcript

Tamara Neho-Popata, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Splice Marketing

With a USP, what we want to be thinking about is the how. Most clinics, most marketing, we think about the what, and that’s the easy thing. What are our services? What do we offer?

But the one thing that makes us unique is how we do it. So when you’re thinking about your USP, think about it in a way where if there was another clinic right next door to you, offering the exact same services that you offer, what would make a potential client come to you over them?

With determining your USP, a really good video to watch is Simon Sinek’s Why. Jump on YouTube, have a look at that. It just explains the why, the what, and the how in a little bit more detail. And it might help you to define your unique proposition just a little bit more.