Interview Transcript

Emily Yore, Content and Design Manager, Splice Marketing

If you want to gain followers, I’ll give you the best advice I possibly can, and that is to not buy followers. Do not do it. No matter what people say, don’t do it.

On Instagram, it is so obvious when people buy their followers. They may have 12,000 followers, and they get about nine likes per post, and as your audience looking at this, it’s just not good at all.

You can also tell when people buy their followers, as you look through their following list, and they’ll have names like just five letters and five numbers, they have zero followers. That’s when more than likely someone has bought their followers.

Instagram has also cracked down recently on fake accounts and they have deleted a lot of them so you could end up spending a lot of money on fake followers and then they get wiped within six months anyway.

The best way to gain a following is to post engaging content that’s relevant to your business. Take your audience on a journey.

Another great way to do it is also look at another business that’s similar to yours, and then follow their following, and a lot of times they’ll follow you back. Or even people in your area, if you’re based on the Sunshine Coast, look up the geotag for Sunshine Coast and see people in your age bracket. Start following them. They can follow you back as well.

Another great way is to run competitions. You could partner with other local businesses and do a follow for follow campaign.

There are many ways to gain your following that don’t involve buying followers, and that’s what I would recommend.