Interview with lawyer, Jeanette, Onyx Legal

Interview Transcript

Ellie Bakker, Marketing Director, Splice Marketing
So Jeanette, for a health healthcare professional, what are the real risks that they face if they don’t comply with industry regulations?

Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer, Onyx Legal
Well, the biggest struggle for health professionals is being struck off.

You lose your whole ability to earn your livelihood and to apply your professional experience to what you want to do. So it’s very important to have an understanding of what the compliance and the regulations are. And also in terms of actually having to deal with regulators. If a complaint is made against you or comes to the attention of the regulators, that can be a very long process. And often for people, it’s over a year. So that’s a huge distraction for you in your business. It’s a stress, it’s a cost, all of those sorts of things.

So you really, it very much helps to be aware of your regular regulations and how you’re going to comply with them.